The Hurdle and the Finish Line

In life it is imperative for people to distinguish between occurrences and goals. Occurrences happen, however, you must remain ever clear about your goal which supports your Divine Purpose for being at this time. As we traverse past occurrences, we become skilled and useful. The track event of hurdling provides a wonderful example of this.

For the hurdler, the goal is to cross the finish line—first in order to win the race. The hurdles are mere obstructions or sub events that are presented as the runner strives to cross the finish line. Whereas the hurdles are a part of the race, they are smaller events that, once mastered, can be taken in stride. Often, we get concerned with the hurdles in life and fail to cross the finish line. We acknowledge the encounter with the sub-goal but fail to identify the real desired outcome. Then we get upset when we are not selected to be one of the team members or do not get the raise or promotion or even get positive feedback from friends, family members and loved ones. As a result, we want to give up rather than identify the desired outcome of our participation on the team, on the job, or showing up in life.

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