ONYX Celebrates Bahamian History

On November 26, 1962, women in The Bahamas voted for the very first time. It was an occasion that will forever be etched in the annals of Bahamian history. When women in The Bahamas voted, the majority of the people, for the first time, had a collective say about the affairs of their country. Women represented the majority of households in the country. They represented their families, their communities and the interests of Bahamian people. This empowering act by women gave residents greater control over their destiny.

November 2022 marked 60 years since that day and ONYX Magazine Publisher Rich Black, along with his aunt Linda Y. Braynen, joined more than 500 political and business leaders in Nassau, Bahamas, at the Ruby Ball to commemorate a moment that dramatically changed the trajectory of this country. The black-tie event honored Ruby Ann Cooper-Darling who was the first woman to register to vote in the Bahamas. Black presented her with the ONYX Foundation Beacon of Light Award during the ceremony.

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