Eating on the Run? Stop It!

Understanding Hunger

Are you hungry, hangry, or craving something else? When I feel a craving start to overcome me, I make every effort to pause and try to determine if this desire is a sign of real hunger or am I just craving something else and substitute the feeling with food. Your stomach sends signals to you when you are hungry, but cravings do not necessarily match up with hunger. You must take the time to recognize both. When you are craving an item you may typically present with a slight headache or tickling feeling near your forehead. Also, cravings also increase your ability to salivate more and you brain is screaming saying I Want It! Find substitutes for your cravings, for example: meditation, walking, exercise, reading, or call a friend that can discourage you from eating.

Read the entire article in the March/April 2020 issue of ONYX Magazine.

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