July/August 2021

Dear Family, 

For nearly two years, we have listened to experts tell us how to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic and many have adhered. Since then, the nation has lost more than 600,000 citizens, we received new political leadership and new messages about how to move forward, and variants of the virus have popped up causing the number of positive cases to spike. ONYX Magazine has been with our communities every step of the way— staying up-to-date with safety tips. Thank you for supporting us as we continue to be on the front lines for you. 

While we continue to fight this menace, life goes on and another school year is close. Parents are uncertain about how to navigate this COVID space in sending kids back into the classroom. This issue of ONYX Magazine has a story that might help make some of those decisions easier. The pandemic has slowed down our outings, but we are starting to see some semblance of normalcy. The Music & Entertainment section shares a few upcoming festivals you don’t want to miss. Also in this issue, we meet Major League Baseball Player Ian Desmond who allowed his own life to inspire an important baseball program for kids in a hard-hit area of Sarasota. 

More than ever, it is important for us to stand together as a community. ONYX Magazine is your community partner, and we are dedicated to bringing you information your whole family can use: information that entertains, inspires and informs. Thank you for being there for us, so we can be there for you. 


Rich Black 

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