Jamal Wilson: Entrepreneurship, Inspiration, Expansion

On a nostalgic corner in Tampa Heights, some friends have gathered to nosh on delicacies and
sip trendy cocktails. Their space is cozy with mellow, decorative lighting, captivating windows
that beckon the sun, and oversized hugging couches. Laughter abounds in this feel-good place
where the cool people hang out. Encircling them is an array of eateries where anybody could
find a favorite dish. Asian-inspired cuisine, tapas, comfort food, vegan. It’s all there under one
eclectic roof—because the one-menu dining experience is quickly becoming passé and Tampa
Heights has Jamal Wilson to thank.

“I wanted to do something fun and work with really cool people I like,” said Wilson. “My cousin
was watching the news about the food hall explosion in America and suggested that we do it.
So, I spent six months traveling the country visiting food halls and I took ideas I liked and added
them to my own.”

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