From the Publisher May/June 2022

Dear Family, Welcome to this issue of ONYX Magazine, where we turn our attention to business and entrepreneurship. In recent years, many Black-owned businesses saw radical declines in revenue, causing many of them to close their doors— more than 42%, according to money experts. Because of you, ONYX Magazine has stayed open for our community for 25 years. Please keep the momentum by purchasing a one-year subscription and asking five of your friends to do the same. Thank you in advance for playing your part in keeping our community entertained, inspired and informed. Business comes easy for Jennie Joseph—especially since she is conducting it with mothers and babies in mind. Our cover story features Joseph, a British-trained midwife who makes maternal health her top priority. Her world renowned center, The Birth Place, in Winter Garden, Fla., focuses on compassionate care; and Joseph is the first Black person to own a nationally accredited midwifery school. Her story is inspirational and represents diversity in entrepreneurship. In addition to discussing business in this issue, we celebrate African American Music Appreciation Month. Formerly called Black Music History Month, June reminds us of how Black people have inspired music around the world. When acknowledging the history of Jazz, Gospel, R&B, and Rap/ Hip Hop, we must give credit to our Black ancestors. One story in this issue gives homage to Black musicians in the classical genre. It is an interesting read you do not want to miss. As always, ONYX Magazine enjoys bringing you the news that entertains, inspires and informs. Thank you for continuing to receive it for 25 years.


Rich Black

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