May/June 2021

Dear Family,

Welcome to this issue of ONYX Magazine, where we turn our attention to business and entrepreneurship. Since the start of the pandemic, many Black-owned companies took sharp hits to their revenue, and others closed their doors—more than 42%. ONYX Magazine thanks you for your continued support to ensure that this Black-owned business stayed open for our community. Please keep the momentum by purchasing a one-year subscription and asking five of your friends to do the same. Thank you in advance for playing your part in keeping our community entertained, inspired and informed.

In addition to talking about business in this issue, we celebrate African American Music Appreciation Month. Formerly called Black Music History Month, June reminds us of how our music helped shape this nation. When acknowledging the history of Jazz, Gospel, Rap/Hip Hop, you have to give credit to our Black ancestors. Born out of them is music that fills us today—and it continued to grow into more genres, like Rhythm and Blues. In this issue, we feature R&B singer Urban Mystic from Fort Lauderdale, who is releasing his second album in June. He pays tribute to forefathers (and mothers) who have upheld our beautiful tradition of making people dance.

We need music to lift our spirits, because the reality Black people face daily can be stressful. Our community still experiences senseless police violence, disproportionate unemployment, higher rates of poverty—the list goes on. But justice is coming and we can see the light—but policing in the U.S. needs a facelift. When the jury found Derek Chauvin guilty of murdering George Floyd, we celebrated the adjudication without becoming complacent. We still need to do the work to gain equity and equality and as a community, we have to be ready to do it. There are a lot of batons to pass—are you ready to take one? On your marks. Get set. Go!

As always, ONYX Magazine enjoys bringing you the news that entertains, inspires and informs. Thank you for continuing to receive it.


Rich Black

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