From the Publisher May/June 2020

Dear ONYX Magazine Family,

During this difficult time in our world, ONYX Magazine is grateful to have such a steadfast community of readers, advertisers and other supporters like you. This COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything our community has ever faced, but we are strong and we will get through this together.

We salute the front line and essential workers, our first and last responders. Your commitment to our safety is aweinspiring and we are praying for you. We pay tribute to our local leaders across Florida and our nation who, in this critical time, have homed in on safety of all residents. Please continue to heed their advice and keep your families well. We also want to acknowledge our talented team of writers and staff, people who are continuing to work hard to fuel the ONYX Magazine engine.

ONYX Magazine is doing its part to ensure that you and your families continue to receive information about how our communities are being impacted by the COVID-19 threat. Please monitor our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) for local and global stories about how our world is faring in this crisis. Also, visit our website for up-to-date COVID-19 information provided by the World Health Organization; and peruse the many wonderful stories that uplift and inform you.

Inside this issue, there are several stories that explain how the global health threat is impacting the Black community and what we are doing as a community to address it. From showing you ways to keep your business afloat, to staying healthy while you practice social distancing, we have all for you. For your reading pleasure, we take you on a journey with Jonathan Blount, one of the founders of ESSENCE Magazine. The formidable Black women’s publication celebrates 50 years and Blount tells us how it all got started.

Like each of you, we feel the pinch of uncertainty. However, we believe it is only for this season and we as a people will endure. Be careful and prayerful–stay healthy and safe. As always, ONYX Magazine is here to bring you stories that entertain, inspire and informs. We look forward to being here for you for years to come.


Rich Black

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