Community Servant Martha Brown, Leading the Charge to End Child Abuse

Community Servant Martha Brown,

Leading the Charge to End Child Abuse

By Denise Moore

Martha Brown is the Founder of Partnership for American African Development, Inc., (PAAD), a 501-C (3) company. “PAAD was established in 1995 to bring cultural awareness to people who I like to say are “in search of.” There is no clear understanding of their background, lineage, customs, values and history. PAAD provides an outlet through Education, The Arts and Entertainment to bring awareness to these important aspects in one’s life. PAAD is the parent company for What a Fan Charities which was established to galvanize and assist fans in their efforts to better serve their communities through our contacts, initiatives and resources. Through those efforts we’ve been able to touch the lives of children and families across the nation.”

Brown stated, “In 2014 we introduced Fans Against Child Abuse, a campaign to bring more awareness to the horrific issue of abuse. I’m proud of the support we’ve received from fan clubs and individuals making a difference in their communities. We believe education and prevention are key components to successfully ending abuse. Statistics show 14% of all men in prison and 36% of women in prison in the USA were abused as children, about twice the frequency seen in the general population.”

“Support of this initiative is paramount, because without it the challenges can be insurmountable. There are several ways individuals and companies can help. Printing and signage needs can be met with the support of a printing company committing to provide those services in-kind or there is the opportunity to be a title sponsor for any of our events. The goal is to help us promote and get as much exposure in order to reach as many as possible. Volunteers and gifts for auctions are just as valuable it all helps us raise the necessary funding.”

Martha Brown also worked hard to help establish The Christmas in April Toy Drive which was introduced in 2015. “It’s a Toy Drive for the children and families that have been effected by abuse, bullying and or neglect. The Toy Drive makes a huge, positive and inspiring difference in the lives of the children and their families.

“The overall mission is to end child abuse. We will continue to inform, educate and advocate prevention to improve parenting so there can be greater leadership within the family nucleus. You too can join the effort to remove any fear from a child’s life by joining the Cause! Help us help kids!”

For additional information you can send an email to: or visit their website at

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