Acknowledge Change and Experience Growth

There is an adage which states, “Change is inevitable; growth is an option.” This adage suggests that change is continually taking place in our lives. Often change promotes growth, but this is not always the case. In order for growth to take place, you must acknowledge change is needed in your life. You must acknowledge how you will be advantaged by that change/growth. Moreover, you have to be willing to be better, to seek constant improvement, while at the same time acknowledge that growth is a choice.

You can remain stagnant in the same relationship, occupation or situation while engaging in the redundant mindless activities that produce boredom and sadness, or you can grow and experience new life and increased vitality. People who never grow fail to make a powerful impact on society. They live a mediocre life. There is a tricky balance between seeking growth and being dissatisfied with life. On the one hand, you have to work to be a better version of yourself, while on the other hand, you have to accept that you have been the best you could be at that time with the knowledge you had. There are two options to get through this paradox: progression or regression.

You can either regress and get worse or progress and get better. Some may opt for remaining static; however, static is backward relative to others who are improving and becoming the best versions of themselves. As others move toward their better in the universe, the one who remains static is by default moving backward. Standards of excellence are ever-changing, forcing all to grow and reinvent ourselves. We have been given the authority to dominion our divine inheritance and to make ourselves and the world better by our presence. We must acknowledge this as we grow and change.

The Challenge You may often get caught up (or stuck down) in the lower nature/aspect of your being. You then resort to being in survival mode. In survival mode, you may do whatever it takes to sustain yourself. Because ideas are ever-flowing, the reality is we miss them while exiting in this lowly state. Ideas, thoughts and visions consistently flow and can assist us with being a better version of ourselves.

These ideas, thoughts and visions come in the form of spiritual energy, and, once attuned to a higher frequency, you can feel it. Being in the lower vibration of survival challenges the attunement to higher knowledge. Those who are spiritually attuned or who possess great faith will accept and act upon the vision.

This process of acting upon the vision in faith is known as being obedient to God. Obedience has consequences

just as disobedience. Do not get caught up in the lower nature and reap only the lower reality rewards. Since the visions come from a higher source, the dividends are high. Seek only to get high on the visions that God has for your life. This is how you become a better version of yourself as you grow to new levels. Growth will upgrade your life in ways that allow you to have a more significant impact upon and within the universe.

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