Filmmaker Sean Roberts: Shutting Down the Bully



According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 4,400 young people in the U.S. commit suicide each year, and many do so after enduring endless mean-spirited taunts from peers. They often believe death is the only escape from the pain and humiliation they feel. A new film project is under way to firmly address this issue and show anyone who considers suicide that life has value. Executive Producer Sean Roberts and team are embarking upon “Amrak,” a short filmthat shuts down bullying and gives power back to the victim. The word Amrak is the word karma spelled backward. Roberts explains the significance.

“You have to be careful of what you do, because it’s going to come right back at you and that’s the twist of the word,” he says. “The [boomerang] arrow (in the Amrak logo) is the significance of your actions. If you put out good, good is going to come to you. If you put out bad, bad is going to come to you. You attract what you want to
attract. These kids are feeling low, down…and if they continue to feel that way, eventually they’re going to harm themselves. So, I’m introducing the opposite, something positive…to empower them.”

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