Rebuilding An Unbreakable Bond

Every parent knows whether or not they are close to their son and/ or daughter. In this modern emotional world, an increasing common term to define this bonding or connectedness is attunement attempting to respond to your child’s emotional needs, resulting in the child’s sense of being understood and valued. The capability to attune differs on the personality and temperament of children and how easy or difficult it is for us to relate to them, given our own individual personality traits and family experiences.

Being attuned or attached to your child in a healthy way occurs most of the time when he or she is younger. However, that tends to drop considerably when your child becomes a teenager. There are many challenges of parenting today such as the stresses of work, financial worry, marital tension and conflict, the determination for success, modern day stresses on our kids, and mixed families due to divorce and remarriage. There are more forces than ever that are tearing at relationships with children.

How can you increase attunement and connect with your children in a way that promotes emotional health? When we consider an attachment perspective, it all starts with safety in the home with primary caretakers.

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Story by Janie Lacy

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