Putting Your Strengths First

How do you turn a weakness around to a strength? Our strengths are the things we can hang our hat on because they make us look good, feel good and feel strong! However, our weaknesses can overpower our ability to change behaviors.

Talent and skills are key qualities that we all need to manage our health however, a support system should always be in place to catch us when we fall. Let’s try a few new strategies to keep us on top of our health game.

Steps to Strengthening Yourself :

1. Turn your strength into an activity that makes you feel strong. at activity is the action that makes you feel good and allows you to finish it to the end. Diligence for example includes activities such as:

• Exercising 3-4 days a week
• Walking a brisk walk for 60 minutes
• Reducing TV time and increase family-oriented activities

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