R & B Diva, Patti LaBelle: Living Her Best Life and Living the Good Life



By Roniece Weaver

Patti LaBelle is one of the original R&B Divas of the music industry. She is noted for her soulful songbird voice that makes you feel good, even when you’re feeling bad. Over the years, Ms. LaBelle lost all of her sisters to lung cancer before the age of forty-four. She decided to change her lifestyle after witnessing their deaths. In her books, she writes about them and talks about them fondly. Ms. LaBelle was certain that she was going to be the next one to go, so she started “living to die”.  As years passed, Patti realized that God wasn’t ready for her yet, and she made up her mind to live life to its fullest. Her goal is to continue to live each day to the fullest, living her best life and living the good life.

Living the good life means many things to Ms. LaBelle. She stated, “It means living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your body by exercising and eating right (Most of the time!). It means surrounding yourself with good people with good energy and getting rid of anyone and anything that will drag you down.You don’t need a whole bunch of money to live your good life. I’ve had money and still didn’t take care of myself the way I should have. I would work and work and work and not get enough sleep, not drink enough water, not exercise at all and let people drain me with their negativity.”

Ms. LaBelle went on to say, “I didn’t pay attention to the little things. I was both rich and broke at the same time. So living the good life is not about having lots of money (don’t get me wrong, it’s more fun with money). Instead living the good life is simply about putting yourself first. It’s about doing things for yourself and making YOU a priority in your own life. Many of us spend so much time taking care of others and making sure those we love are happy, but you can’t help someone else until you take care of yourself first. It starts with the little things.”

There has been great success with her cookbooks and the new venture with Walmart and the Patti Pies. She is integrating healthy changes into her lifestyle. Ms. LaBelle explains, “Well, I love to cook, and I love to share what makes me the happiest. Food is a big part of our culture, and I like to see people eat good food. I like to cook for every one of all cultures and walks of life. Food should be good, but it can be healthy too, so I try to satisfy the taste of everyone.”

Excerpts are taken from the Recipe For the Good Life Cookbook and comments from her visit at Walt Disney World.

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