Onyx Profile: Martin A. Belson


Martin A. Belson is the President and CEO of Diversified Industries (DI) C&IS Inc. in Orlando, Florida. Diversified Industries has recently earned an exclusive copyright license from NASA for the SMART (System Maintenance Automated Repair Task) solution software.

Following the successful conclusion of the Space Shuttle program at Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Mr. Belson retired from the Shuttle Program and immediately began to grow Diversified Industries, the company that he incorporated in mid-2007 while still employed at KSC.   Prior to Mr. Belson’s retirement at KSC he began coordinating with the NASA KSC Innovative Partnerships Program Office to acquire Space Shuttle intellectual property rights for the SMART software.

Belson then formed a relationship with the University Of Central Florida Business Program to establish his SMART Business Office located within the Central Florida Research Park, Orlando, Florida. Seven months after his acceptance into the University of Central Florida’s Business Incubation Program, he obtained a non-exclusive agreement to market and sell SMART software. After obtaining full access to the software source code, he began having the software modified, updated, and tested for commercialization into the commercial and military aerospace industries. A year later he obtained the exclusive license agreement from NASA for the SMART software.

SMART’s marketing and sales campaign is scheduled to begin mid-January of 2013 and is on target. There are several potential customers both nationally and internationally working with Diversified Industries toward the sale of SMART.

SMART was used on Space Shuttle orbiters over its last 4-1/2 years of service at KSC after each space flight by the technicians and engineers preforming non-routine/unplanned maintenance repairs. The Shuttle orbiters as with most commercial and military industry mid-size and large aircraft typically see approximately 40% of the total work volume consumed by unplanned maintenance repairs that occurs during aircraft major maintenance periods called Maintenance Repair & Overhaul approximately every four years. Unplanned maintenance very often constrains the completion of scheduled and planned maintenance work until such time that the unplanned maintenance issues are resolved.

Unplanned maintenance repairs (also referred to as non-routine maintenance) and system test continue to be an area that generates a great deal of pain for the industry due to the large amount of time and effort required to resolve these issues. SMART has demonstrated it’s able to bring significant relief for systems selected in this area. SMART has reduced the 40% work volume of unplanned maintenance by approximately 35% to 40%. This time savings and associated cost savings is very valuable to customers along with SMART knowledge-base capture feature. For example the cost of having a Boeing 747 delayed from service for one minute is approximately $1,000.

Mr. Belson began his professional career as a mechanical design engineer working for several large aerospace companies in southern California: Hughes Aircraft, Rockwell International and Hughes Helicopters. He moved to Denver Colorado and worked for Lockheed Martin (formally Martin Marietta) Aerospace, moved to Santa Maria, California and worked at Vandenberg Air Force Base for Lockheed Martin followed by a transferred to the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Florida. He followed the development and operations of the Space Shuttle Program starting in the mid-70’s through the end of the shuttle program Oct 2010.

The later years of his work experience included aerospace system integrated, system test engineering, project engineering and project management. As a successful company technology manager, he has helped liberate many employee’s creative talents as well as capture and package new processes, technology, and inventions for which they were recognized and rewarded. To learn more about Diversified Industries visit www.DIFL.us.