Masterpiece Clothing provides custom suits and fittings in beautiful downtown Orlando location

Masterpiece Clothing provides custom suits and fittings in beautiful downtown Orlando location

By Michael Laderman

ORLANDO, Florida – At first glance, Alonzo Adams didn’t make the most of his initial opportunity as a men’s clothing entrepreneur.

Along with then-business partner Charlie Blackwell, the two opened up “Slave Ship Boutique” in 1972-73, a local clothing store that had great intentions, but not many customers.

“You never truly understand the depth of just what it costs to open a store,” Adams recalled, while now sitting in his meticulous clothing store, “Masterpiece Clothing,” in downtown Orlando. “Back then, we even had a cost analysis given to us, as to how much money we needed to open up. But we didn’t listen. And we ended up in the hole. So we had to close our doors after two years.”

From that experience, they learned that if you have a following of customers and clients, before you have a brick-and-mortar store, then your chance of success is that much higher. They learned that people don’t respond just because the doors to a store opens.

And so, almost 25 years later, Adams and Blackwell came back together to open “All Tied Up,” a men’s store focusing, initially, on neckties. At first, they were selling their products from the trunks of their cars. Shortly thereafter, they opened their store across from where the Amway Center sits today  – one that was both busy, and successful. Their shop was a hit.

Unfortunately, Blackwell did not see what it turned into; he passed away in 2004.  But under Adams’s direction, the store continued to flourish. And so, in 2014, when the Orlando Magic purchased the property in which All Tied Up resided, Adams did two things: First, he secured an amazing new location in downtown Orlando.  Second, he changed the name to more adequately reflect his products:  Masterpiece Clothing.

“I give God all the praise and all the glory,” said Adams, who owns the store with his wife, Angela Gardner-Adams. “Our business grew, and God’s grace was upon it. I could see the hand of God on it.”

His store now is the envy of others.  Using only first-rate fabrics and the highest-quality materials, Masterpiece Clothing prides itself on making custom suits and providing custom fittings for its customers. And Adams is there to help give that custom fit to all clients, no matter their size, no matter their taste, no matter their style — all with a personal touch that is unique to each person.

Let Alonzo Adams help fit you in your next suit. Visit Masterpiece Clothing at 201 S. Orange Avenue, Suite 103-104, in downtown Orlando. For more information, visit or call 407-420-4658.

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