Lalah Hathaway: A Voice For All Time


Lalah Hathaway

A Voice For All Time

Written By: Towanna Hogue


There’s no other way to describe the mesmerizing, calming, soothing, sexy andevocative alto voice of three time GRAMMY® winner Lalah Hathaway. She knows no boundaries with her unerring versatility. She is not only celebrating her seventh album but also a twenty-five (25) year recording career.

Lalah Hathaway tops several charts at #1 with her hit single “Angel”, off her latest album LALAH HATHAWAY LIVE.  Bringing her signature rich voice to the Anita Baker love song, Hathaway’s performance of “Angel” remains #1 at Urban AC radio for the fourth consecutive week, topping Billboard’s Adult R&B Songs Chart measured through the Nielsen BDS chart for Adult R&B National Airplay, and topping Mediabase’s Urban AC Chart.

The critically-acclaimed LALAH HATHAWAY LIVE also features Hathaway’s GRAMMY®-winning performance of “Little Ghetto Boy”, her father Donny Hathaway’s classic live song, as well as “Mirror”, “Lean On Me” (featuring Robert Glasper), “Forever, For Always, For Love” and more, delivering the warm, playful, and spirited signature live music experience beloved by her fans across the world. Hathaway continues to perform live across the country this spring and summer.

Lalah Hathaway says of her GRAMMY® win this year: “So proud to be making history and walking with my daddy – into the future”. She went on to say, “This song is so special to me because it’s one that my daddy sang ata point in history when artists where making commentaries on what was actually happening to our culture and trying to move others through music and art. This song was so relevant back then and is just as relevant today and will probably will be 40 years from now. It will still be able to make the same statement on society as it did yesterday and now today. I was able to re-record the record and introduce it to a whole new generation of young people and create the remix with Snoop. It’s amazing how songs can live and tell stories for generations. So, I’m honored to be recognized for retelling that story again”.

Little Ghetto Boy” is a song of encouragement and ensures us that better days are coming. Hathaway said, “This song is absolutely one of them because I think in retelling the struggle and narrating the song it helps to give the encouragement needed to uplift and motivate all people. Music was actually at some point in our history meant to uplift. Honestly, I find that kind of encouragement in most of the music I tend to listen to just because I love music. Sometimes music makes you cry, it makes you happy, it can make you think of loved ones that are gone. It can make you project and think into the future and daydream. For all of that and all of the emotion that it brings to the surface it still uplifts. So, I am always encouraged when I’m listening to music that I perceive as great music because for me it’s such a bomb, such a sass. That’s what it does for me all the time”.

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