Kendra Foster: Promise to Stay Here

By Gigi Brooks

Promise to Stay Here” became the first representative, and probably the best representative of me and the album. It was hard to choose a single for Kendra Foster, because so many of my songs were my favorite. I was blessed to work primarily with Kelvin Wooten, who is an amazing musician and engineer. He’s the one of the best so far, agreed by all, to mix my voice, which is very important. Kelvin did all of the production, I did top-line, which are the melodies, lyrics and vocal production. This song was chosen as a single, because it was Chaka Khan inspired obviously; Chaka, circa Rufus, with a splash of Prince. It was one of the few tracks Wooten and I didn’t compose from scratch. It was something that was already made that I ran from one room of the studio to claim. Jermaine Holmes, my fellow D’Angelo & The Vanguard, Grammy winning vocalist, produced one of the songs as well.”

For the entire article, read the November/December issue of ONYX Magazine.

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