Introducing Dr. Sydel LeGrande


Born and raised in Tampa, Florida and educated in the Florida school systems, Dr. Sydel LeGrande made education a priority early in life. She obtained her high school diploma and associate’s degree from Hillsborough Community College twenty-five days apart and was the first dual enrollee to do so.

At eighteen years old, LeGrande entered the University of South Florida as a junior. From there, she went to the University of Florida College of Medicine in Gainesville. Prior to establishing her practice in Tampa in 1994, LeGrande provided medical care to the underserved community in the Liberty City area of Miami.

In order to be truly effective in what I do, to be effective in a person’s life, I believe I have to address the whole person; spirit, soul and body. We must positively impact all three.

An ordained minister, Dr. LeGrande provides comprehensive medical care for families and individuals suffering from all types of illnesses, disorders, conditions and diseases. As a woman of faith, she believes helping her patients obtain total health is most important. As a family doctor or a primary care physician (PCP), Dr. LeGrande is the initial point of contact for patients seeking general medical care. When the need presents, she can and will refer patients to specialists.

“In order to be truly effective in what I do, to be effective in a person’s life, I believe I have to address the whole person, spirit, soul, and body. We must positively impact all three. There must be harmony within our spirit, soul and physical body. And harmony is needed in order to be considered in divine health,” explains Dr. LeGrande. With a successful practice established in Tampa, Dr. LeGrande has relocated to Orlando and is making the City Beautiful her home. She now has two offices with the recent opening of Your Place Medical Center located in the Washington Shores Plaza. At Your Place Medical Center, LeGrande’s family medicine practice will focus on automobile accident/personal injury care.

“Our communities have been conditioned through the use of shrewd marketing strategies to first contact an attorney or a lawyer referral service. That attorney or service immediately sends them to a chiropractor. My whole concept with personal injury protection (PIP) is to re-educate our communities, particularly the Black community on how to access personal injury protection and medical care after an auto accident. I want to re-educate because the present system does not benefit the injured person at all. The attorney gets paid, the chiropractor gets paid, the specialists get paid, and the client or patient is the last one on the list to get paid. That is something that I am setting out to change,” says Dr. LeGrande. “What I plan to do is put everything under one roof. I can see you as a medical doctor, give you medication and provide therapy if you need it. Everything your personal injury protection is going to pay for can and will be done right here at Your Place Medical Center.”

She adds, “Having a medical doctor take care of your injuries and obtain physical therapy in the same office keeps things simple for the patient. Auto injury care within a primary care office is the best of both worlds. We keep it simple. And at the end of the day you get better and you get to keep your money.”

Dr. LeGrande understands there are unmet health needs and believes she was sent to the Washington Shores community ‘on special assignment’. She believes in giving back to the neighborhood by making a difference in the lives of the people who live there. Along with her visionary medical practice, LeGrande is involved with Sankofa Medical Cooperative, a medical evangelism. Sankofa works with churches to provide a medical cooperative, whereby the congregation pays a small fee every week covering most of the overhead for a church or community medical center which members can access. Dr. Legrande says, “By collaborating and becoming self-sufficient, we can teach churches how to provide their communities with medical ministries.”

Dr. LeGrande treats everyone who walks through her door and believes in healthcare that doesn’t discriminate. Your Place Medical Center is open to new patients with the added bonus of auto injury care. Dr. LeGrande believes in treating the whole person and openly communicating with her patients. There’s a new doctor in town. Take the time to meet and welcome her to the community. You’ll be glad you did. Your Place Medical Center is located at 2132 Bruton Boulevard, Orlando, Florida 32805. Telephone 407-792-4110.