Happy New Year!

By: Richard "Rich" Black


Welcome to what we believe will be a year of unlimited opportunities for personal and professional growth. Speaking of unlimited opportunities, we are excited to introduce you to our New Year’s edition of ONYX which has been dedicated to the millennials.  Yes, that’s right.… that group of individuals who are as different as they are alike.  They seem to be the most creative, diverse and global in their prospective and value TRUST above all else.  They are most times over achievers and committed to traveling the road less traveled. They are true to themselves and committed to making their dreams a reality.  On the cover, you’ll find Ms. Denee Benton, a millennial who embodies all the attributes we previously mentioned, as a matter of fact she is following her dream as a performer and taking Broadway by storm.  She co-stars in “Natasha, Pierre, The Great Comet of 1812” with singer Josh Groban, who’s best known for his hit, Let this be our prayer.  Another millennial who’s making an impact on and off the grid iron is, Michael Thomas, safety for the Miami Dolphins.  Mr. Thomas has struck the right balance between making plays on the fields and playing to win as it relates to the mentoring of inner city youth in his community.

To read the full article, pick up a copy of the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of ONYX.