Getting down with gumbo!

Gumbo has hundreds of variations… This is just one. This recipe is Filé based and should be used to enhance your current gumbo recipe. Thyme is important as it is the primary seasoning. Use sprigs of thyme that are removed before serving. Place Filé on the table in a shaker and use individually to taste. Have you ever wondered why your gumbo seemed to go bad in a day or so even if frozen or refrigerated? Cooking with Filé speeds up spoilage. To prevent that, use Filé on the table instead of cooking with it.

Do not use any raw protein. Your chicken should be par boiled in ole bay. Snow crab, smoked and andouille sausage add depth while el camaron or powdered shrimp is a big flavor enhancer. Jumbo size shrimp should be added last so they do not overcook. Sweat onions, bell pepper and celery in a sauté pan with chicken stock. If you want a kick add cayenne pepper to taste.

For the full recipe, pick up a copy of the Mar/Apr 2017 issue of ONYX.


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