From the Publisher


Wow! Can you believe it? The summer has ended
and now our students are preparing to return to their
educational endeavors. This is an exciting time for
most as students are excitedly selecting their classes,
deciding which clubs they will join, and choosing the
sports they will play. If they are anything like my son
and godson, they also are checking for which tennis
shoes and complementary gear will be profiled as
they pursue their educational matriculation. Yes, this
is an exciting time for most; however, school can be a
nightmare for others.

In our cover story, we introduce you to filmmaker Sean
Roberts who deals with the issue of bullying in his
new film titled “Amrak.” Not only is bullying an issue,
but also many students often need additional
assistance with their homework. This issue introduces
you to the Orange County Library System’s free online
tutoring program.

This issue was created for those of us who are diehard
football fans. We present the football schedules of
the most popular colleges and universities in Florida.
Thank you to all our athletic directors, colleges and
universities for participating. Now ONYX reader, we
need you to go to work. Visit us on Facebook (ONYX
Magazine) and vote for the best-looking football
schedule ad. We will list the winner in our Historically
Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) issue.

Finally, thank you all for your unwavering support of
ONYX Magazine over the past 20 years. Founders Lester
and Lillian Seays laid the infrastructure for creating a
publication that would celebrate the accomplishments
and contributions of African Americans and those of
the African diaspora. Today we remain true to their
vision and mission as we provide you material that
continues to entertain, inspire and inform.