From the Publisher


Welcome to Women’s History Month. Given the theme
“Nevertheless, She Persisted” by the National Women’s History
Project, this month will honor every woman who uses her tenacity
and courage to accomplish magnificent feats—like the women
of Wakanda.

“The Black Panther” movie opened in February with recordbreaking
success. It was heralded the second highest four-day
domestic opening of all time; and the fifth film in history to
break the $200 million mark in its debut. But perhaps the most
talked-about phenomena were the women of Wakanda. They are
extremely intelligent, fierce, loyal, and so beautiful—not always the
image Hollywood shows us of black women. However, we already
know this portrayal of women of color is not fiction, but quite the
truth. We encounter these women every day. We are in awe of
their magnetic power and inspiring presence, and that’s why in
this issue of ONYX Magazine, we celebrate the most influential
women of color; those who are making a positive impact on our
communities…ONYX Magazine’s Women on the Move!

On the cover, meet Mrs. Angela Suggs, who has shattered the glass
ceiling in not only becoming the first African-American to hold the
position of president of Florida Sports Foundation, but she also
is the first woman in the role since the Foundation’s inception
26 years ago.. This issue will feature 31 of the most outstanding
women leaders from across Florida and beyond. Each of these
honorees embody grace and strength in every walk of their lives—
as mothers, sisters, wives, corporate executives, and community
icons. It is befitting that we would recognize them during Women’s
History Month and adopt the national theme: “Nevertheless, She
Persisted.” These words perfectly describe how each woman
executes with fortitude and breaks down any barrier she faces.

This year’s Woman of the Year hails from an era when women and
African-Americans had an unnecessarily difficult struggle. Mary
Ann Carroll was the only woman among the Florida Highwaymen,
American artists who painted from the 1950s to the 1980s. Because
galleries would not exhibit their art, they sold their work from
door-to-door across Florida. Their tenacity landed them among
the highly acclaimed in the Florida Artists Hall of Fame.

We will also address a subject that is increasingly drawing global
attention: human trafficking. Florida ranks third in the nation for
cases of women and children being sold into sex and labor slavery.
We encourage you to say something if you see something. Only
by working together will we eliminate this heinous crime from our

As in Wakanda, women play an essential role in creating a future that
would positively impact all people. It is comforting to know that in
our real society, women continue to serve as transformative leaders.Enjoy,