From The Publisher – March/April 2017


In celebration of Women’s History Month, we dedicate this issue to some of the most impactful and influential women in Florida. ONYX celebrates women trailblazers who commit themselves to making a difference in the communities where we live, work and play.

The inspiration for this issue was born nearly three years ago. My sibling and I were singing the praises of my late father, Reginald Alexander Maycox Black, Sr. We spoke of the awesome things he accomplished with a high school education and determination. (For the record, my father and mother were the first Blacks to own a restaurant in downtown Orlando). As we spoke, I noticed my mother had distanced herself from the conversation. Then, in a very calm voice, my mother looked up from her plate and said “Your father was a king because I was queen and a king maker. Nothing your father accomplished was done without my support and my willingness to support his dreams…our dreams.” There was complete silence in the room as my mother began eating again, then lifted her head and smiled. “Make sure you add that to the story, she said.

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