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I was very fortunate to have a father and a mother who took parenting and family seriously. They worked night and day to ensure my siblings and I would be afforded opportunities to become the best we could be. Throughout our upbringing, we were reminded that having supportive family members who embraced good family values was very powerful. Our parents taught us, “When it’s all said and done and the chips are down, family is all you got.”

In this issue, we focus on families—like the Kinseys who own an internationally renowned art collection. Bernard and Shirley Kinsey’s exhibits have been viewed by millions of spectators at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., in Hong Kong and, most recently, at Walt Disney World’s Epcot. Their love for family and education fuels their desire to share beauty with the world. Learn how their healthy beliefs about money led them to become legacy builders and philanthropists over their 51-year marriage.

For most families, the idea of wealth is fleeting. In our story on money goals, we offer simple concepts the whole family can apply in their quest to reach financial dreams.

We hope you enjoy this issue and we invite you to share your views, opinions and stories with us at Visit our Facebook page and share a few of your family photos and stories. As always, we remain dedicated to our promise to entertain, inspire and inform.


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