Bethune-Cookman University’s 113-Year Legacy


Bethune Cookman University has a storied 113-year legacy of empowering through education head, heart and hand. The University’s leadership, with support from faculty, staff, alumni and benefactors strive to deliver on the promise of student success by ensuring access to a rigorous education that equips and graduates global leaders with core values of faith, integrity, respect, service and a thirst for knowledge.

Its vision is to empower people to seek their own solutions and advocate for opportunities for all citizens to improve their quality of life as it invests in its graduates an international perspective that facilitates an awareness of constantly evolving geo-political realities which reveal that collaboration and compassion are as valuable skills as competition.

With the rising cost of pursuing a four-year degree, Bethune-Cookman University is constantly seeking viable options for students to affordably earn their degrees in less time. New degree programs, promising research and experiential learning opportunities mean more options and greater access for students at home and abroad as the University broadens its global footprint.

B-CU Online College is a vital pipeline and central to the life-changing mission of providing the resource of a high-quality education.

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