Taxpayers Beware

‘Tis the season for scammers. As your W-2s are ling in, so are clever thieves. Scammers always want to stay ahead of the game, but what benefits taxpayers is saving your data from getting in the wrong hands!

The techniques of scamming are way too advance these days that with a single phishing mail, scammers can hand on your recent activities and sensitive information which are supposed to stay personal with you only. Scammers try different ways to make you stuck and once you get stuck, you surely lose all of your personal data along with social security numbers and last visits made.

It is very essential for taxpayers to stay wary of such frauds because no matter how effective your accounting or tax software is, scammers will play their kind of games and might win also. One best practice to keep a quick check on your data privacy is to integrate your business with Quick Books Hosting, which offers remote access to your data.

Read the entire article in the January/February 2019 issue of ONYX Magazine.

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