Angela Suggs: President and CEO, Florida Sports Foundation

By Damani Dickerson


Do the most valuable legacies share what was earned or what was learned? Angela Suggs inherited a legacy of commitment and perseverance and has since used those gifts to become one of Florida’s most influential women.

As a young child, she witnessed her parents’ commitment to their family, their community, and their careers.  Her mother’s attention to detail in each endeavor is a constant memory and influence in Suggs’s life.

From a legacy standpoint, it was her parents’ strong work ethic and commitment that inspired and motivated the newly appointed president & CEO of The Florida Sports Foundation. Now married and a mother herself, Suggs is committed to inspiring and empowering not only her daughter, but other women as well.

“There’s no sense of entitlement here; we come to work every day and work hard,” the energetic Suggs said. “I’m humbled and honored by the opportunity and want to make sure those who follow me can continue to have a seat at the table.”

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